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Roleplay Rules Empty Roleplay Rules

on Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:41 pm
Yay! Role-Play!!! We can Roleplay! But rules are essential when role-playing. So here they are, then you can enjoy your roleplay!

1. If using an OC, You must audition for it by using the audition template, posting it in the roleplay audition forum. I will try to make it easy to use. You can use canon characters without auditioning. If you use an un-accepted O.C., the roleplay will be stopped and you will be given a warning.

2. No roleplaying NSFW or very gorey roleplays. This IS a family-friendly website. Some blood is ok but NSFW is a big NO! You will get 3 warnings and then a ban. Your warnings reset after a week. If the case is bad, the message will be deleted.

3. No God-Modding. You can not give your character powerful techniques without a way to thwart them. You cannot go 'Steven kills Pearl.' If a character is to die, it must be a struggle to kill them. You have to find a way to kill them. You are not allowed to constantly dodge. You may dodge a few times but no more than every second turn. Same applies with blocking, but you can constantly dodge or block if the move hits/partially hits the blocker/dodger. You cannot have immortal characters or impenetrable armour or 1-hit K.O. weapons/abilities. If you put anything 'God-Mod' on your O.C. when auditioning, you will be rejected and asked to fix the problem in order to be accepted.
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